The partners of the World Free Trade Alliance have worked closely in establishing a unique public-private partnership to leverage business expertise, leadership and resources to support effective World Free Trade platforms measured by real-world business metrics.

With the overarching aim of accelerating ambitious World Free Trade platforms, the core activities of the Alliance include:

  • Building understanding of the benefits of World Free Trade within both the public and private sectors;
  • Establishing sustainable multi-stakeholder dialogues on World Free Trade;
  • Mobilizing public-private partnerships to drive change, engaging local businesses and associations;
  • Technical and financial assistance in support of capacity building;
  • Benchmarking and evaluation based on established business metrics.

The Alliance supports efforts in developing countries and emerging economies on an annual rolling basis—while also working at global and regional levels to enhance stakeholder awareness of the importance of world free trade and of the role of public-private cooperation in implementing customs and border reforms. To ensure synergy with the activities of other international programs, the Alliance will actively engage with other international bodies, donors and associations.

With the full political endorsement of national governments, the Alliance’s in-country projects leverage the expertise and resources of leading companies and international organizations — and provide a platform for local business communities to identify trade bottlenecks and to work collaboratively with governments to support effective reforms.

The Alliance’s work stream on building national and global level metrics seeks to provide a yardstick of country-level progress and create a competitive incentive for countries to implement World Free Trade platforms — making them more attractive for trade and investment and empowering their local business community.